Download Magisk Beta 22.0 Latest Version For Android 2021

Rooting your phone using Magisk is sometimes tricky.

You might face a lot of issues.

Sometimes we face error7 or error1 while installing the zip file.

We face all of these issues whenever we are trying to install the stable version of Magisk.

What can you do when you face issues like this?

Well! You can install Magisk Beta.

Magisk Beta sometimes fixes the problem which you are facing while installing Magisk zip file on your phone.

We’ve seen a lot of people facing issues like bootloop, error 7, error 1 while installing the zip file and a lot of other problems.

If you’re a developer, then you can check the code and submit the patch to topjohnwu’s Git.

But wait!

What if you’re a newbie?

Well! Then there are two things you can try.

Install an older version of magisk, or you can try installing the magisk beta.

Probably this will fix your problem.

What is Magisk Beta?

Magisk Beta is having the features such as Magisk Manager Obfuscation, New Communication Scheme, Updated Resetprop and a lot of other features.

Magisk Beta optimizes your whole root utility it also makes your device a lot faster and a lot more reliable.

If you’re using Magisk beta and if you’re facing issues with the beta version then you can report the bug to Topjohnwu’s XDA thread.

If you’re using Magisk Beta, then you will be getting new exclusive features of Magisk on your phone.

Sometimes you’ll be facing issues and bug in the program, and it is okay because you’re installing the beta version of Magisk.

Magisk Manager Beta Apk

If you’re using Magisk Beta, then you need to install the latest version of Magisk Manager.

Latest version of Magisk Manager always helps you to install Magisk Beta on your phone.

If you’re downloading the magisk beta, then you don’t need to worry about the latest version of Magisk Manager

You’ll be like why?

The reason is that in Magisk Beta there is always a newer version of Magisk Manager packed in the zip file.

If you want to download the latest version of Magisk Manager, then you can download it from our homepage.

We’ve written a detailed guide on how you can install Magisk safely on your phone.

Download Magisk Beta

How Magisk Beta Works?

Magisk has gained a lot of attraction in the past few years, and there are a lot of people who download magisk to root their phone.

Magisk helps a lot in rooting our phone, and there are features which allow you to hide root from your phone.

Magisk Beta works the same way as the magisk stable. The only difference is that in the beta version there are new features and sometimes it optimizes your device and gives you better performance.

If you’re using Magisk beta then probably you can root newer version of Android or sometimes you can root more modern Google Pixel devices such as Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

Magisk Helps You to Run Banking Apps

If you’re using any banking application, then you might have seen, that you can’t run banking apps in the rooted phone.

Magisk helps you a lot in hiding the root from your phone, and this is what makes magisk special because it helps you to root your phone systemless-ly

There’s a reason why magisk is called a Magic Mask to Alter Android System Systemless-ly.

Did you know Magisk can also help you to hide the root access from games like Pokemon Go and more?

What Does Systemless-ly Mean?

You might have seen me using the term systemless-ly again and again.

What does that mean?

Systemless-ly means that whenever you are rooting your phone, the rooting process will never touch your system files.

Modifications are stored safely in the boot partition instead of modifying the real system files.

Magisk Modules support, and hide from tons of integrity tests like SafetyNet!

If you’re using an Android phone which is having root access with the help of SuperSU, you’ll see that it will never pass SafetyNet.

If you’re using Magisk Manager, then you can hide root and pass SafetyNet.

Download Magisk Beta 22.0 Latest Version For Android

  • Download Magisk Beta Latest version from here:

Version Info

Software NameMagisk Beta
Last UpdatedFebruary 25, 2021
Android Version Requires4.2+
Total Downloads100,000,000+
App Size7.17 MB
Main TaskMagisk Hides Roots from Banking Applications.
  • Rename the .apk file extension to .zip, for example: Magisk-v22.0.apk →
Downloading-Magisk-App-2 (1)
  • Save this file in your internal storage, and then you need to boot your phone into recovery mode.
  • Shutdown your phone and press the “volume down + power button” to boot your phone into recovery mode.
  • Now, click on the “Install” button.
Download Magisk Beta
  • Look for the file in your internal storage.
Download Magisk Beta
  • Tap on that file, and then you need to slide the slider to the right
  • That’s it! The installation will get started.
Download Magisk Beta
  • When the installation is finished, you need to reboot your phone.
  • There are chances that you won’t find Magisk Manager app installed on your phone. You can follow the below steps to install Magisk Manager

Uninstall Magisk Beta?

There are chances that you might find bugs in magisk beta. If you are facing issues, then you can uninstall magisk beta using the Magisk uninstaller.

If you want to uninstall magisk beta it is straightforward, and you have to flash the uninstaller file, and you’re done. If you uninstall magisk beta, then you’ll also lose root access.

There are two methods to uninstall magisk beta from your phone. I will show you both the techniques on how you can easily uninstall Magisk Beta from your phone.

Let’s see how to uninstall magisk beta using TWRP recovery.

How to Uninstall Magisk Beta From Your Android Using TWRP (Method 1)

  • Download the Magisk App first and save it to your phone’s internal storage.
  • Rename the .apk file extension to, for example, Magisk-v22.0.apk →
  • Turn off your phone, press and hold “Volume Down + Power Key” to boot your phone into TWRP recovery mode
  • Click on “Install” to flash the file on your phone
Download Magisk Beta
  • Now, navigate the file and press and move the slider to the right
Uninstall Magisk Beta
  • The installation will get started and now wait till the files are getting install on your phone.
  • When the installation is done you need to reboot your phone
Magisk Beta Uninstaller
  • That’s it! You have successfully uninstalled Magisk Beta from your phone

How to Uninstall Magisk Beta From Your Android Using App (Method 2)

  • Open Magisk Manager App on your phone
  • You will see the Uninstall button in the app. Just click on Uninstall button.
Download Magisk Beta
  • Now, then you need to click on Complete Uninstall.
Magisk Beta
  • It will ask for the permission to download the file. Just click on the download button, and that’s it.
Download Magisk Beta
  • This will automatically download the Magisk Uninstaller file, and it will uninstall Magisk from your phone.
Download Magisk Beta
  • Your phone will be rebooted automatically. Don’t worry it is normal
  • That’s it! You have successfully uninstalled Magisk beta from your phone.

This process will completely delete all the files from your phone, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

How to Install Magisk Modules

There are different types of modules which you can install with the help of magisk. These modules help you to improve your phone performance and sometimes it adds additional functionality to your phone.

There are some of the best magisk modules available which allow you to improve sound quality, install digital well being, Systemless Xposed Framework and much more.

These modules are also systemless, and you can install these apps from magisk manager itself. There are some modules which you won’t find online.

  • Open Magisk Manager app on your phone and click on the menu button.
Download Magisk Beta (1)
  • Click on download tab in Magisk manager
Magisk Beta
  • You’ll find a bunch of modules which you can install on your phone.
Magisk Beta
  • Click on the download button, and it will automatically download and install it on your phone.
Download Magisk beta
  • After downloading and installing the module, it will ask you to reboot your phone.
Download Magisk beta (6)
  • You need to reboot your phone because it is necessary to apply the changes.
  • That’s it! You’ve successfully installed Magisk module on your phone, and you can enjoy new features and updates every day.

About Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is the essential part of rooting. If you’re using an app which requires root, then magisk manager helps you to grant root permissions.

Magisk Manager is having a lot of features which helps you to hide root and do a lot of other things.

If you are installing any files from Magisk Manager, you’ll see that all those files are of the latest version. One of the best things about the latest files is that it will help you to pass the safety net.

If you’re having the latest version of Android, then it will also help you to root your phone and also pass the safety net issues.

Magisk Will Help You to Use Digital Well Being

Google develops digital Well Being. You can install this app in Android Pie, and it helps you to plan your day easily and helps you to tell you how much time you’re wasting on a particular app.

Digital Well Being helps you to know how many times you have unlocked your phone, how many notifications you’ve got and how can you limit yourself from using that app.

You have to flash this file, and you will be able to Install digital well being on your phone. You can follow the above steps to follow the installation instruction.

Download Magisk Beta

Features of Magisk Beta

  • Open Source: Magisk is open source, and if you want to do any changes in source code or build Magisk for your specific device then you can do so with the help of source code and make changes in it.
  • MagiskSU: Magisk helps you to root your device. If you are rooting your phone with the help of Magisk, then you’ll see that your phone will pass the SafetyNet. One of the best thing about rooting with the help of Magisk is that it is updated every month and you’ll get security patches.
  • MagiskHide: Magisk Hide is the feature which helps you to hide the root access from your device. If you’re using banking application or Android Pay, then it will help you to hide the root access from those apps. If you want to know how to use this feature, then you can look into our homepage.
  • Resetprop: Resetprop is the feature which helps the users edit the system files. If you want to delete an app, you can easily do so with the help of magisk.
  • Online Module Repo: If you’re a developer, you can submit your magisk module you can do so with the help of Magisk, and it is easy to do so.
  • Better User Interface: One of the best things I love about magisk manager is that it has a fantastic user interface.
  • Regular Updates: If you’re installing magisk then you’ll see that you will regularly receive the updates from topjohnwu and it is one of the best things about magisk manager.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: I installed Magisk Beta zip file in my phone, but there is no magisk manager app installed
A: If you don’t see the magisk manager app then you can download it from the link given above and make sure you are downloading an updated version of magisk manager.
2: I am getting error7 or error1 while installing the magisk beta
A: If you’re getting an error make sure you are downloading an updated version of the magisk beta, you also need to make sure that your TWRP recovery is updated to the latest version. If you’re still facing issues, then make sure that you have stored recovery.log file.
3: Hey, I don’t know how to use Magisk Hide.
A: You can visit our homepage to find out how you can use magisk hide to hide root from a specific application.
4: I want to know more about Magisk.
A: If you want to know more about Magisk then I will suggest you visit this website to know more about magisk and read about other troubleshooting guides.

Final Verdict:

This is how you can easily install the Magisk beta on your phone. If you’re not able to understand anything, then you can shoot a comment below.

There is a lot of feature of Magisk Manager, which one did you like the most? Share it with us in the comment section.

Don’t forget to share this article and if you face any issue, then you can write us below.

Thank you for visiting. You can keep an eye on the latest beta of magisk stable release and magisk beta by bookmarking this page.

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  1. I have Redmi 5 with pixel experience 9.0 but magisk can’t be install she show me error 1 ….vendor can’t mount..,…..I updated my twrp recovery and flash boot.img super su is install easily but magisk can’t be done ……….plzzz help

  2. Sir,

    I have purchased a new phone.. zenfone max pro m2 and it have one one year warranty. If I installed this software will it break the warranty? is there any problem arises for the proper updation of my android system to pie or any other because the mobile using stock android.

    Please help me at the earliest

    Thanking you.

    Abhilash S Namboothiri

  3. Magisk is now detecting its root by grab driver, i am a grab driver and use magisk to support fake gps. So now i cant use magisk anymore. Please help me to pass grab’s detecting from magisk. I have done magisk hide, repack, and deactivate supersu. It stills failed

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  5. Supporting magisk user here would like fully functional app. Here is the issue:

    Installation of mods fail with error:
    ! /data/adb/mafisk_merge.img mount failed…
    ! installation failed

    magisk: v18.1
    magisk manager: v7

    phone: moto e4 (2017)
    cpu: 4 cores, cortex-a53
    vender: qualcomm
    gpu: adreno 308
    ram: 2gb

    this has been happening with all versions so far. including older versions. I have tried the loop workaround and nothing stays working. what can we do to get this to work proper? what needs done? is this a programming or compatibility issue with the phone and what could be done to resolve this?

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    My cell phone is an SM-J701M, and Magisk Manager is updated

  9. Today it show Cannot mount /vendor with pixel experience rom, but it used to work normally? Im using Vince, plz help

  10. I can’t install magisk modules on my phone. I have flashed magisk 18.1 beta & also installed the magisk manager 7.0 but, when I tried to install a module it failed.
    There was a report like this,
    ” ! Magisk is not activated!…abort
    ! Installation failed
    I tried to flash the module using twrp but, there also came a failure report which says “Magisk is not installed”. But, the root is working normally.
    I’ve tried by uninstalling & re-flashing magisk but, it didn’t help solving the issue.

    My device is Redmi 4x (Santoni) & I’m using miui 10 Global 9.3.21 beta

  11. Why is letting root on a certain application not allowed by the v20.1 magisk

    Since I’ve been hiding the magisk using its most recent feature, there’s been a complete rendition of the magnet.

    Please provide a solution

  12. magisk hide not working and sefty patch faild & cts profile faild
    i am using a costom rom mtk devies and use a boot img method
    install magisk by boot patch

  13. Hi,
    I patch the boot.img from a Lenovo M7. The original size is 16,78MB. The size of the patched is only 7,32MB. Is this right?

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  19. Hi I have a Samsung Note Edge SM-N915T with Magisk Manager v7.5.1(267) and Magisk Update 20.3, I’m trying to install the new version 20.4 but it’s failed when I try Direct install, could you please help on this?, below it is the link of the screenshot I took from my phone showing the error message.

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  23. Hey guys,
    I used Magisk very reliabely with my banking app (TAN2Go, DKB, Version 2.5.0). I few days ago i got a new update: Version 2.5.1. Since that update the app detects the modified phone although Magisk is running. I’ve tried a lot (like deleting the banking app, installing the latest version from scratch and hiding it afterwards). Nothing helped.. any idea?

  24. My device is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2(SM-7102), I installed custom ROM (aokp) and installed magisk 7.5.1 on it. There are issues with safety net, can’t bypass it.
    It shows ctsprofile:false
    basicintegrity: false
    help me with this please!!!!!!!

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