Download Magisk Manager Latest Version

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 7.5.1 For Android 2020

Magisk manager is a magic mask to alter system systemless-ly. Might that term be difficult to understand right?

There might be a question raised in your mind that what magisk is? Magisk is the best alternative to Chainfire’s SuperSU. Topjohnwu developed Magisk ManagerHe is one of the best developers who developed magisk. If you have installed the SuperSU on your device, then you might have seen the issue, you can’t run the banking applications on your Android.

You might be confused about what is rooting? We can say that rooting gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn’t usually allow you to. You can read more about rooting android phone

Many developers are coming with magisk pre-installed on their ROM. They are implementing the magisk just because of the amazing features of the Magisk and the way you can use any application without any issues. The default choice of most of the developer is now magisk.

Let’s take an example

Suppose you want to run banking applications and whenever you open the application you will get a notification saying that your phone is rooted and you won’t be able to use this application on your device.

Now, to run that application you will unroot your phone and do your work in that app and again root your phone with the help of Chainfire SuperSU. Rooting and unrooting your device is a lot of lengthy processes, and no one likes to do such as a big task again and again.

What if you want to use that banking application urgently? You won’t be unrooting your phone again and again. This the reason why developer Topjohnwu came up with an application which hides the root from your device.

Download Magisk Manager

How Magisk Manager Works?

Magisk works systemless-ly, and it doesn’t modify or alter your system partition. If you want to install a banking application or if you want to install official OTA updates, and much more. You can install the OTA updates without losing the root privileges, and that is everyone need. They don’t need to root again and again.

Magisk roots your Android device and it is based on phh’s SuperUser. Magisk is an open source rooting solution for Android. If you want to install magisk, then you can do so with the help of Magisk Manager application.

Magisk has Universal Systemless Interface. It means that if you want to create your mod or app, you can do so with the help of magisk. Magisk is mostly same as Xposed Framework and in the Xposed framework, there are different modules which you can install on your device.

Unfortunately, the Xposed framework is not available for Android Nougat. You can use the Magisk Manager on your device, and the Xposed Framework is mixed into it, and you can install some modules on your device with the help of magisk manager. You can hide root from other applications.

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version

Magisk Manager

You can install the Magisk Manager on any device. If you want to use the magisk on your device, then you need a rooted Android device with a TWRP recovery. If you don’t have a TWRP recovery, then you can install the Magisk Manager Android application on your device, and you can enjoy the system less rooting on your device.

You can use the magisk manager application rooted and as well as non-rooted Android devices. If you have a non-rooted Android device, then you can root your phone with the Magisk. You need to flash this zip file, and you can install the Magisk on your device.

Magisk Manager has the download section, and you can download the module with the help of the Magisk Manager application. Just swipe to the left, and you can install the magisk manager.

Download Magisk Manager

How to Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 7.5.1 For Android 2020 (Method 1)

  • Download Magisk Manager on your Android device from here:

   Download Magisk Manager [1.85 MB]

Version Info

Software NameMagisk Manager
Last UpdatedJanuary 10, 2020
Android Version Requires4.2+
Total Downloads50,000,000+
App Size1.85 MB
Main TaskMagisk Hides Roots from Banking Applications.
  • Install the application, and you might get an unknown source warning. You need to turn on Unknown Sources to turn it on, click on “Settings”.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Now, just scroll down and toggle on “Unknown Sources.”

Download Magisk Manager

  • Now, try to repeat the installation process again. Try installing the application and open it.

Download Magisk Manager

  • If you have already installed the Chainfire SuperSU on your device, then you need to grant the root permission.
  • Now, click on the Install button to install the magisk on your device.

Download Magisk Manager

  • If you will click on Install button you will see that it will ask you to select method.
  • Just click on Direct Install if you want to directly install the file on your phone without using custom recovery on your phone, or you can click on Download Zip File Only

Download Magisk Manager

  • Now, if the download is the done. Magisk Manager will automatically install the file on your phone.

Download Magisk Manager

  • If you have clicked on Download Zip File only then you will see that a file is downloaded, it will ask you to Reboot your phone. Reboot your phone and then open the magisk manager application.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Now, you have successfully installed magisk on your phone.

Download Magisk Manager (2) (1)

How to Install Magisk Latest Version 20.4 on Android [Non-Rooted Phones]

  • Download and install the Magisk zip file from here:

   Download Magisk 20.4 [5.4 MB]

  • Place the zip file in your internal storage. Make sure that you remember the proper location of the zip file.
  • Reboot your phone into recovery ensure that you have a custom recovery such as TWRP is installed on your phone.
  • Now, click on the Install button in the TWRP recovery.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Navigate the on your internal storage or SD card.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Now, install the zip file on your device and wait till it is getting installed on your device.

Download Magisk Manager

  • You have successfully flashed the on your device.
  • Reboot your phone and see if it works on your device.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Download the magisk manager application from the link given above.
  • Install the application by following the above procedure.
  • Open it and then you will see magisk is installed on your Android device.

Download Magisk Manager (2) (1)

Note: Make sure that you take a complete backup of your Android device before following this procedure.

Magisk Root & Universal Systemless Interface

Magisk is the systemless rooting, and if you want to root your device then you can do so with the help of the above procedure, and you can download magisk manager apk from our site. There is no survey and no ads so you can download it on your device.

Magisk Root helps you a lot if you want to run the financial application. Magisk was launched in the year 2016, and from there it has been the heart of all the developers and users.

Download Magisk Manager

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager is the application same as SuperSU which is pre-installed on your device after you have rooted your Android device. If you want to use the magisk manager you can unroot your device and then root it with the help flashing or else you can install the magisk manager application and do the system less rooting on your device.

There are many questions raised, and people has a query that is How to root with magisk? The rooting procedure is simple, and you need a custom recovery installed on your device. If you have the custom recovery, then you can root your Android device by flashing the file.

Magisk V/s SuperSU

If you root your device with the help of magisk, then the magisk won’t do any changes in your system files. Magisk will modify the boot.img to magisk.img. Magisk won’t add any files in your system files.

When SuperSU roots your device, it will do the changes in the System files and also adds some files in the system partition. If you install SuperSU, you won’t be getting any OTA updates or any financial application won’t work on your device.

Download Magisk Manager


What is Magisk Hide

Magisk Hide is the feature which is available in the Magisk Manager application and if you want to hide the root permission for the particular banking application.

You can turn the Magisk hide option from the settings of the magisk application then you can easily enjoy your favorite app without any issues.

If you want to activate the Magisk Hide option, then you can follow the below tutorial, and you can hide the root permission on your device.

  • First, check the application which is not working on your rooted Android device.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Open Magisk on your device and click on the Menu button.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Now, Click on the Settings to turn on the magisk hide option.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Now, scroll down and enable the Magisk Hide option.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Press the Menu key again and click on the “Magisk Hide” option.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Now, you need to select the application from which you need to hide the root.

Download Magisk Manager

  • Open your banking application and then that’s it. You can run the banking application on your device now.

Download Magisk Manager


  • Magisk Hide: If you want to hide the root from the applications such as Pokemon GO, Android Pay, and other banking applications then you can use this feature to cover up the root permission from the application. This feature is disabled, and if you want to turn on this option, then you can begin by reading the above guide.
  • Install: If you want to install or uninstall Magisk then you can do so with the help of the application. You don’t need to search on the internet about the way you can uninstall it on your device.
  • Superuser: If you want to Grant or Deny the permission of any application then you can do so with the help of MagiskSU. This option will work in the rooted Android device only.
  • Modules: There are different modules same as Xposed Framework you can install the modules on your device. This feature is available in the magisk manager application. We will explain you some of the best modules of the Magisk which you can install on your device.
  • Downloads: There is a download section in which you can manage all your repo.
  • Magic Mount: Magisk allows you to do anything in your system. You can do any modification, but it won’t affect your device partitions.
  • Resetprop: You can do any changes in your system prop files. You can do changes in the build.Prop files including read-only files.

These are some of the main features of the magisk. You can install the magisk on your device and do let us know more features of magisk.


Magisk Manager Inforgraphics

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If you will see the list of the advantages and the list is too long of the magisk. This is the best Android application that you can use on your device. Let’s take a dive in the advantages of the Magisk.

  • You can use Financial/Banking applications.
  • You can use Snapchat without any issues.
  • You can also play Pokemon Go on your rooted Android device.
  • You can install OTA updates on your device.
  • You can also install System-less Xposed framework on your lollipop and marshmallow devices.
  • You can use Android Pay.
  • You can also bypass SafetyNet.

You might Face issues in:

  • Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL devices. The work is in progress, and we are working on i.
  • Magisk Manager cannot be placed in adaptable storage, or superuser will not work
  • MagiskSU does not support multi-user, and we are working on it to make multi-user support.
  • MagiskSU does not work on Android O preview, and we are working on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

Q.1) My Phone isn’t supported in Magisk?

Ans) Magisk doesn’t support lz4 compressed boot image. If your phone is having gzip compressed boot.img it will work fine on your device.

Q.2) I am losing root randomly

If you enable BusyBox in the settings, some LineageOS ROM may face issues of losing the root. You can turn off that feature by going to Settings — Enable BusyBox.

Q.3) My Phone is not supported in Magisk, and I need to install magisk.

You can open an issue in the Github and send us your boot.img file

Video Tutorial:

Final Verdict:

Now, you know the way you can install Magisk Manager on your Android device. You can root your device with the help of magisk. This was the way you can Download Magisk Manager Latest Version on your Android device.

If you love magisk, then you should not wait to install it on your device many people love this application, and you will love it too. You will also love our other apps called InstaUltra.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and I hope they will enjoy it. You don’t need to worry if you have a rooted Android device and you don’t need to unroot your device

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this, and I will meet you in the next one. If you have any issues, then feel free to shoot a comment below, and I will surely help you out with any issues.

689 thoughts on “Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 7.5.1 For Android 2020”

  1. I love it with every features. Unfortunately magisk hide does not work for me even on 13.1, but I can live without it 😀 Thank you, I’ll definitely keep up with using this mod.

    • I really want this is it available for samsung neo. 7.0 I’ve almost boot looped my phone 5 times so I need to stop till I find a real zip to down load.

    • Can we install magisk Manager through TWRP is Note 8 SM-N9500 which is already rooted
      I read that even in android phones rooted with SupperSU, we can install Magisk Manager Application. I downloaded the application from official website, installed it , granted Super SU permission, , then asked for downloading the latest Magisk manager Zip file. Pressed ok, then asked whether to install nomal way or through recovery, I selected normal way, but failed to install.
      My question is whether i can install this zip file through TWRP. is there any problems for SuperSU and Magisk manager installed together .
      Kindly answer me

      Thanking You

  2. My magisk started to crashes when I try to download any module. Don’t know if it started after the magisk update to 13.2 or after the magisk manager update to 5.0.5.

  3. Greetings,
    Installing the latest Magisk 5.1.0 or Magisk v13.3 on RR 7.1.2 crashes the Magisk app.
    Also Dolby Atmos and AM3DZirene Sound modules does not work crashes.
    I had clean install done however still the same
    had to install v.13.2 which works fine but for Dolby Atmos and AM3DZirene Sound modules its still the same(crashes).


    Jayesh Rode

    • Hey Jayesh,

      I will suggest you to run the uninstaller file on your device and then try to open the magisk manager application. The magisk manager bug will be fixed soon for all the device. Thank you for your patience.

      Best Regards,
      Magisk Staff
      Founder at

    • May be because those modules aren’t supported by your phone(or arent made for your phone). So they crash when your phone tries to run them.

  4. Hi, thanks for the great work. I have a problem with the Magisk Manager since version 5. When I press Superuser in the menu, the app exits. Otherwise, everything works. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled, without success.
    Mei phone is a Galaxy S5 with LineageOS 14.1 from 2017.07.05.

    Best regards


  5. Manager 5.1 won’t load. Stuck on screen until I close app. Have to revert to older version.
    Galaxy grand prime 14.1 lineage

  6. Attempted to install on a S6 (G900P) that already had SuperSU 2.82, installation failed after trying to mount /system or thereabouts. If my device has dm-verity, do I need to check dm-verity?

  7. Im trying to change Supersu to Magisk but when i try to install it On Sony Xperia C3 D2533 5.1.1 Lollipop it didn’t work ???????????? it say Fail on TWRP so can you guys fix it plz!!!

  8. Ok this time i manage to insatll it on my device but it didn’t work properly ???????????? im very disappointed ???????????? guys in the future i believe you guys can fix it on my device:


  9. After installing magisk there is no signal bars showing but I can make and receive calls. Do anybody have this issue. This is the only issue I’m having.
    How to resolve this

      • yes its magisk.. but only with versions above 13+. I had tried version 12 and had no problem like this. As soon as i update v12 this problem pops out. I tried uninstalling magisk and installed supersu and no problem there also . So basically this problem is only occuring due to the latest versions.

        • I have the same issues. When I uninstalled or replace with super su everything was fine

          Tested on HTC m9 running
          lineage os,
          Resurrection remix,and
          Slim rom

    • Its sounds like my cell signal cycling I’m having since I updated to Magisk Manager 5.4.0, I lose signal every few seconds. Nexus 6P on 8.0.0

  10. Trying to install in sony xperia c3 d2533 5.1.1 lollipop but still didn’t work properly when im trying to view my safetynet status when im trying to insatll it it looks ok but when i flash the zip it’s show error and when im trying to hide root function it’s didn’t work either so guys pls fix it plzzz

  11. Trying to install in sony xperia c3 d2533 5.1.1 lollipop but still didn’t work properly when im trying to view my safetynet status it show ok status but when i flash the zip it’s show error and when im trying to hide root function it’s didn’t work either so guys pls fix it plzzz

  12. Great modules but unwanted updates creating lot of confusion with manager version and magisk module version.
    As far as I know 12.0 was the last stable one and everything there after is either loose the root or viper4android. Which is the only reason I use Magisk for on my note5 7.0.
    I installed 5.1.1 MManager now viper is not working at all on even 12.0 module. Please kindly tell me which version of manager was made to 12.0.? I forgot to make a note of my earlier used version like may be 4.2 or 1 not sure. Endlessly making a fresh installs is killing me.

  13. hi i have s8+ and I need to install magisk what should I do model exynos sm g955f nougat 7.0 what version should I install plz help

  14. Tolong di uodate plis krna magis hide tida berfungsi di semua aplikasi. Krna saya mencoba hide aplikasi semacam ovo dan lain lain masih kedetek. Tida seperti xposed yang sangat akurat dan setabil

    • Hello,

      I have exactly the same problem, I’m on MIUI 9 on a Xiaomi Mi4. I tried to unhide Magisk, but it didn’t do anything. So I deleted the unhide Magisk Manager but now I can’t find Magisk Manager, even after installing the apk or rebooting ! Is it possible to solve it using Terminal commands or else?

      Thanks for your help

  15. Nexus 5x

    I already am rooted with SuperSU, downloaded Magisk and when I go to install it just sits there…doesn’t do anything. What am I doing wrong? It asks for root permission and then asks to install. Nothing else happens.

  16. i haven’t been on the silicon valley but i would really love to visit that place. i bet that it is a very exciting place to visit.

  17. Hi. I have a Boost Mobile Galaxy S4, running on Sprints network. I’m using 7.1.1 Octo-N custom ROM with Ok3 baseband. I also have Super SU installed. I tried installing Magisk from my internal and external storage but it keeps failing. Any advice?

  18. After installing and rebooting my device modules which are installed from latest magisk manager(v14) still shows “MODULE WILL BE UPDATED AT NEXT REBOOT “

  19. My device rooted, v 5.1.1,,but kernel protected to ro system, i just can change file system(rw) with rootexplorer apk only,, and min cpu lock in 800,,but in v 5.0.2 is no problem,,

  20. I’ve now installed Magisk Manager 5.4 twice and both times it cycles my cell signal in and out and that stops on uninstall. This is on a Nexus 6P on 8.0.0. The 2nd attempt I didn’t download the prop code for safety net checks.

  21. I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with Snapdragon 625. The last versión work fine? Actually only have TWRP on my phone to determine if go for SuperSU or Magisk.

  22. Magisk 14.x does not work anymore on OnePlus 3 with Open Beta 25 (OxygenOS based on Android O / 8.0.0). Please fix it! Pretty please!

      • As soon as I flash magisk 14.x I get a nasty bootloop.
        I have to flash the uninstall zip file to start the OxygenOS again w/o root.
        So no root for me anymore:
        Can’t use Titanbackup, adaway or some Nintendo based games properly.

  23. Hide the magisk and I put unhide app but not open and I deleted and now can’t have magisk I try to uninstall and really flash but nothing happens and try to install the magisk app and all good but can’t found the app

  24. hello i am installed RR-N-v5.8.5-20170926-n7100- Final on
    my mobile samsung note 2 GT-N7100 but i have problem the mobile screen when off and the mobile go to standby after some times the mobile go to freeze mode with no response till restart it after uninstall Magisk Manager everything working fine the reason was Magisk Manager what can i do???

  25. Hi. Can anyone make Magisk work in Android v4.4.2. Please….. I love this app, but it’s not supported for my phone, Lenovo Golden Warrior model. 🙁

  26. I’m on a nexus 6, and was running magisk 13.3 when I attempted to install the Sony Framework module. It seemed to install correctly, and I selected the close option instead of rebooting right away. Right after though, the phone froze up before rebooting. Magisk now shows no modules installed now (previously had Unified Hosts Adblock successfully installed) and also fails the SafetyNet check.

    I updated to v14.0 hoping that the process of flashing the upgrade would at least get me ok with the SafetyNet check again, but it does not. Running Magisk in Core Only Mode also does not pass the SafetyNet check.

    The following is the error that appears in Magisk’s log.
    : ——— beginning of main
    I( 273: 273) Magisk v14.0(1400) daemon started
    I( 273: 275) post-fs mode running ——— beginning of system
    I( 273: 288) post-fs-data mode running I( 273: 288) * Mounting mirrors
    I( 273: 288) mount: /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system -> /dev/magisk/mirror/system
    I( 273: 288) link: /dev/magisk/mirror/system/vendor -> /dev/magisk/mirror/vendor
    I( 273: 288) bind_mount: /dev/magisk/mirror/bin
    I( 273: 288) Resize /data/magisk.img to -1402453920M E( 273: 288) mount /dev/block/loop0->/dev/source failed with 22: Invalid argument
    I( 273: 427) ** late_start service mode running
    I( 273: 427) * Running service.d scripts ——— beginning of crash

    What steps should I be taking to try to fix this?
    Thanks for any and all help.

    • Thought I’d update this since it seems it might be working again.

      I’ve performed multiple reboots, ensured a new app I had installed (Remote Play for PS4) is set to hidden, and the cti profile and basic integrity checks pass. So that issue is solved. However, I cannot get Magisk to save my selection to hide Remote Play, nor can I get the module I’m attempting to install to show up in the modules list after reboot.

  27. Hi,
    I have installed it on i9300 with lineage 14.1, but I don’t get how hide function works.

    I open magisk manager click on top right corner (menù), I select “hide”, after loading all my apps, I select the one that check root status.

    I close magisk, I open it, and didn’t work, I also tried keeping open and in background magisk.

    If I reopen magisk, the app that I have selected before isn’t selected… it lost change…

    any idea?, thank you

  28. It worked getting my Magisk Rooted S7 to work for Android Pay however I still have 3 other Apps that are still not working. Vancity (Banking App), Optik TV Go (Live TV App), Samsung Pay. Could you please advise how I can get these Apps working?!

  29. Force close after updating to magisk manager 5.4.2 back to 5.4.0 pls fix it my phone redmi 4x 3/32 on Resurrection Remix Os 5.8.5final

  30. I also have a force close after updating to Magisk Manager 5.4.2. I came back to 5.4.0 and it’s ok! My phone is OnePlus One – Tugapower N53.

  31. After updating the apk to v5, my module is gone. I have try uninstall in app, uninstall update the apk and still facing this problem. Please tell me what to do?should me reinstall my stock boot image again?

  32. Hiii….I updated magisk manager apk to latest version but after sometime it’s keep force closing In nexus 6p oreo 8.0.
    So,i uninstalled latest version and then reinstall older version,it worked after that.
    Any guess why this happening in lastest version in oreo 8.0 nexus 6p

  33. Hi, the application looked good and Installed V 5.4.3 on my OPPO R7 Plusm. However, after flashing V 14.0 through TWRP the phone is booting back to recovery every time. Pl. help.

  34. I have Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with TWRP & latest Magisk 14.0 and Magisk Manager 5.4.3. It is working great! I was just notified of an OTA update from Xiaomi. How do I apply it without losing data & root? Thanks!

  35. I recently installed RR v5.2 on my now old S4 Mini and have Magisk installed and passing Safety Net. But I recently got to a near mint condition S7 and have installed Renovate ICE to see what’s like. I tried once choosing Magisk within the installer and once not but installing separately later, On both occasions and SafetyNet Check status is Success but the ctsProfile: false.

    So I don’t know what this means or if I should try to fix and if so, then how.

  36. Force closed in my ELEPHONE P9000 with android v7.0
    Then i install v5.4.0(54) with all normally. If i install above that version will always forced closed.
    Safety net is still false with xposed install

  37. where’s my post from a few days ago? removed? why?

    I can’t seem to install Magisk and Magisk manager on resurrection remix ROM installed on S7 and pass SayfetyNet check properly. The response is either The response is invalid or successful but showing ctsProfile: false.

    And yet I have not problems with same on S4 Mini.

  38. i am going to be crazy and so frustated to install Magisk. Spent many hours, days, tutorials, and many steps, still failed.
    What i was doing is below:
    – i am on custom rom based on CM / lineageos : android 5.1 & android 6 MM .
    – already tried them with root and unrooted
    – boot recovery -> twrp -> install (i tried all magisk versions- old and latest).
    – always error “unable to detect boot image” >.<

    reinstall clean custom rom, clean full wipe. many times reinstall with root / unrooted.
    Then trying to install magisk manager apk first, next click INSTALL button – select patch boot image / download zip.
    – back to recovery – install zip . again … failed boot image.
    – trying to root with systemless, etc.

    finally.. i give up. i am so tired. Seems like magisk is not friendly with custom rom.
    or i am lost in the jungle. i switch back to supersu / superuser.

  39. Hi guys ,I’m a Samsung galaxy tab e (9.6 inches ) user and just wanted to know if there is a tutorial to root my tablet with your Magisk method.

  40. Please Fix the latest version! Updating the app was fine but after installing the zip, it sent my honor 8 into a boot loop! Please provide a quick fix.

  41. Whenever I install the latest version v15, with magisk manager 5.5.1. I lose all sound on my handset.
    This has only happened since these updates.

    I have a Xiaomi Mi5S plus, running nougat. 7.0

  42. i lost root after i moved to v15 from v14 . PLZ dosomething

    I flashed the v15 zip 4-5 times , still it gives magisk not installed.

    USING LENOVO A6000+ , LOLLIPOP 5.0.1

  43. I have a problem with the latest magisk manager update (December 25, 2017). I installed it and after that I wanted to rebooted my phone (galaxy S7 SM-G930F (rooted)) but then it only booted up to the Samsung logo and then it just blinks and nothing happens anymore.

    I fixed it by reinstalling android 7.0 but as I tried to install the magisk manager update again it happened again.

  44. After update latest magisk module to v.15 and magisk manager to 5.5.1 adaway no longer work. enable or disable systemless adblock still same situation. please solved this issues, thanks for your amazing work devs

  45. I download the update to the latest from 14.0…. Since then every 2 restarts my xposed framework works. It’s there gonna be an update for the module v89 (Android 6.0.1)? The latest version won’t work on my phone for some reason, it just keeps my phone in the boot screen.

  46. I use application ” Tcash wallet ” is unsuccessful & root detected. I’ve done according to the turorial but still detected.
    any suggestion ?
    My phone Xiaomi MI4 Lte.

  47. I am using the latest magisk on my HTC 10 with venomrom (s-off). I cannot get my adt pulse app to work. Magisk hide worked for a while, but the latest update doesn’t work, even with magisk hide! It just says the system has been modified and won’t get past that point (you can install the app on any device, it won’t get you to the login screen if your not stock!)

    Please figure this out and update as necessary! Thank you!

  48. NEVER upgrade, if you installed a custom rom, with version 12 working!
    READ THIS: if you upgrade, you will lose everything that is working on your cell phone, it has happened to me 4 times, I am trying to find the reason for the android system webview to crash, even if reinstalled.
    Never upgrade!
    Moto G2 AOSP Extended (thea) works until upgrades this “Magisk”

  49. Wow God bless you Topjohnwu, tried it on my INFINIX HOT 4 phone that was power by Android 7.0 and it work fine.
    So tired of having to unroot my phone whenever there is update.

    Well-done man????

    Really love it.

    Kenny from NIGERIA

  50. Hello Magisk Team, thanks for this powerfull app, but since 15 version(15.0,1.2.3) it doesn’t work on my Xiaomi Mi5s with some apps. like AdAway, Root Rashr etc, when I opening that apps, no any diolog windows with root permission showed and I can’t use my programs. Can you fix that?

  51. I cant tell whats wrong currently but magisk 15.3 fails to pass safetynet with xposed sdk 27 on
    Oreo 3.171019.013

    Before i updated from 3.171019.011 all was fine

  52. dear magisk team..
    if my custom rom have a new update..should i reflash the magisk?as far as i know..update always remove root acces.thanks

  53. Hi there!

    I have difficulties with SafetyNet with the latest Magisk version (15.3).
    Is there an updated flashable somewhere?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  54. Hello from France,

    There is yet no TWRP for Huawei mate 10 pro.
    So how can I install magisk in order to use full tasker modules ?


  55. Hi
    I could manage to install magisk v15.3 by patching boot.img and flash it with sp flash tool on my mediatek tablet (teclast t98 m1e4)
    However magisk manager v5.5 can’t install any module from the repo. It always says
    “! This zip is not a Magisk Module”

    Please Help

    • It seems that installing busybox from play stores helps.
      I could install the magisk busybox package, but there seems to be some conflicts.
      I could not install any other package, because of other error messages, most are requiring magisk v15+ that is already installed.
      What is sure is that installing busybox helps…

  56. Hello,
    I have a Huawei mate 10 pro and there is yet no TWRP for it.
    So what can I do ?
    In magisk manager I have to choose betwwen only download zip file or patching the boot img but I have no img file.

  57. Hello Im using the lates version of Magisk Manager in my Doogee Mix. Magisk v 15.3 and 5.5.5.
    My problem si when i install a module some of then does not install but one like adb module install. When i reboot my phone to apply the changes the module area is empty.


  58. Hello, i have installed magisk on my GS6, and it keeps randomly uninstalling it from my phone, like every hour or so when i flashing it over and over again, what is the prob and how can i stop this sh?

  59. On my cell phone the first time I opened it without problem, I even gave supersu permissions, now when I open the app it locks on the logo and it does not work anymore.
    my cell phone is a g5 plus motorcycle. I hope you can solve it.

  60. I’m really addicted to magisk but on my Lenovo k3 note magisk create some problems with oreo ROMs I asked developer regarding this but he said magisk is in developments that’s why it happens, after flashing magisk, magisk manager doesn’t appear in the drawer and on installing any app “app not installed” appears, I tried to install an apk through adb and I got this “Error: failed to write; readlink failed: EACCES (Permission denied)”
    I’m a total noob so I couldn’t think of a possible bug, and magisk 14.0 works finely…
    Could this issue be solved anyhow???

  61. How do I uninstall magisk “with the help of application” if my phone is bootlooped by the lastest update and I only have access to recovery?

  62. Hi guys,
    I have a problem. When I flash Magisk via TWRP i get root rights on the device. It is ok, but after i can boot into recovery mode TWRP missing. Here is any old and simply android recovery with non graphic interface. This recovery knowes 10% than TWRP. It can´t flash it can´t system recovery atw.
    I repeated it 3times with different versions TWRP and las Magisk: Flash original FW; load OTA upd.; reboot; unlock bootl.; flash TWRP; reboot; flash Magisk. But
    Could you help me?
    Can I reflash TWRP after flashing Magisk?
    Thx in adv.

  63. can’t patch boot img on latest 5.6.1.
    It give a boot img of size 6KB only.
    But older version can patch boot img.Earlier versions did a good job

  64. I love it. every features is great but only one disappointed is Adaway adblocker is not working. please solved this issues, thanks for your amazing app.

  65. Hi,

    My Phone is Note Exynos Lollipop 5.0, I’ve try to install magisk via flash, installation was successful, but when Irun SafetyNet, it didn’t passed, when I check the log there thre errors:
    1. fopen: /sbin/ . core/img/ .core/hidelist failed with 2: No such file or directory
    2. proc monitor: your kernel doesn’t support mount namespace 🙁
    3. sqlit3 open failure:unable to ope database file..

    the phone was successfully rooted.

    Please help, Thank you

  66. I love it. every features is great but only one disappointed is Adaway adblocker is not working. please solved this issues, thanks for your amazing app.

  67. I tried to instal magisk on my samsung galaxy sII (lineage 14.1) and it gives me ERROR :1
    Magisk v16.0 Installer

    -Mounting /system, /vendor

    -Fount boot/ramdisk image: /dev/block/mcblk0p60

    -Device platform:arm

    -Constructing environment

    -Adding addon.d survival script

    -unpacking boot image

    ! Unable to unpack boot image!

    -Unmounting partitions

    Updater proces ended with ERROR: 1

    Error installing zip file ‘/sdcard1/

    Updating partition details …


    How do I fix this?

  68. Hi, great app and really want to install this but have a question/concern. I have a US qualcomm device, now running G935U, up to date as of January 18th. Can I use magisk? Read on another site it cannot be run on US qualcomm chips. Is there a version for US phones? Just fixed my S6 Edge, was stuck in a double *recovery was wasted too) boot loop and do not want to hose up my phone again.
    Thanks in advance,
    Hope TopJohnWu is doing well while serving

  69. Hey fantastic website! Does running a blog similar
    to this require a great deal of work? I’ve very little expertise in computer programming but I was
    hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyways, should you have any recommendations or tips for new blog owners please share.
    I know this is off subject however I just had to ask.

  70. I really like your magisk application.this really helps me in mobile modification.i want to study with you and.I’ve tried the root way without unlock bootloader With magisk and success.How to root Without unlock bootloader…
    This is my way:1. stock boot.img from your phone And save it in sdcard.2.install magisk manager and create patched_boot.img3. take patched_boot.img and plug in your phone (you can use flasher tool

  71. hii
    I am on RR orio 8.1 and rooted with magisk 16.
    I have also installed substratum theme engine
    I want to install Jf sans font that I have downloaded both zip and from play store as well, I dont know how to install it. plz guide

  72. I have note 4 n910c erobot rom v33 kernel v 3.10.105 suemax-kernel-pure-basic-v3.1 [email protected] #1

    android Marshamello v 6.0.1

    I updated the Magisk apk and it gave me massage to update to v. 5.6.3
    when I try to go to sitting and choose hide magisk manager it crash and auto exit also I notice after updated I have two magisk apk installed in my phone not one one of them I can disable but cannot uninstall the other one I can uninstall.. please help I am trying to use hide magisk manager option to hide a game so it will not get detected by game security the game is Fate Grand order.

    waiting for your help.

  73. Hi I have note 4 n910c I am using erobot rom v 33 kernel seumex
    I install magisk later version which came with the rom but I have issue using Magisk which is when I update to 5.6.3 and install and open the apk after that go to setting and chose hide nagisk manager it start to run somthing then suddenly crash and close after lunshi g it it ask for installi g the manager again.

    The main thing I want to do is to play fate g/o but it start and white screen the closed giving 61 or 60 error massage which mean the game know that I ha e root even though I tryied to hide the app with magisk but still its not working and auto close…please help me to pass this security and add a fix to use hide magisk manager without fail or exit and every time I lunch the apk it ask me to download hide magisk manager again. And after that I see two magisk manager in phone desktop

    • Saya menginstal magisk v16.0 pada prangkat samsung j2 prime (6.0)
      Dan sukses.
      Tapi saya punya masalah pada SafetyNet
      Bagai mana cara mengaktifkan nya
      Mohon bantuan nya

  74. I wish to report a bug with Magisk Manager. I was making a module, and it was installed and working. I wanted to change the name in module.prop. I told Magisk Manager to uninstall the old, then installed the new, then rebooted. I think it would have been OK if I uninstalled the old, rebooted, then installed the new, but I think it was confused with two similar modules.

    The old module was still there, with ??? for most info. It was then impossible to remove either old or new modules. I had to uninstall Magisk Manager, unmount all the img files with adb, delete all the magisk files I could find (rm -r /sbin/.core, and more) reboot to recovery, and re-install Magisk to fix it. Magisk Manager should have some way of restoring its module database to “like new.”

    Thank you.

  75. Hi,
    I am unable to get Tasker garanted. I tried some methods from internet, but nothing to do.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  76. You said: ‘Xposed framework is not available for Android Nougat’

    Xposed is not only released for Android N, But also released for Android O.
    I’m using LineageOS 15.1 (≡Android O) with Xposed Framework on it and related working modules.

  77. I have a redmi note 4 (sd)….it has a custom rom(aosp extended)…
    When i am installing the magisk 16 version zip it says error 1…..what should i do plzz tell……i have to root my phone……please help……

  78. magisk work on android p preview ??
    because when i do flash magisk on android p in pixel it is successfully flash but not visible after reboot device.

  79. My phone is new Redmi y1 bought on last month ,, after rooted magsik so my warranty will be support or will be expire? Please reply me

  80. I use Yureka Plus mobile and use the magisk maneger’s latest v16.0 in it and I can not use Google’s TEZ UPI App for around 20-25 days, even if the TEZ UPI App magisk is hidden, the root can also be detected By doing so we are not able to use the TEZ UPI App. Please help us to remove the flaws by updating Magisk Maneger

  81. Hi, Xiaomi – Mi 5 (Oreo Version).
    When the root permissions provide support, the device slows down. You need to help with this.

    I apologize, this is what’s happening with Google Translate.

  82. I have rooted my moto g5 plus using magisk manager but after that my wifi and camera stopped working. Please advise the solution.

    • I too have problems with the Moto Cam 2018 (when using a custom ROM as well) and just disable the app and then download Footej Camera from the Play Store (you won’t get slow mo or panorama AR though)

  83. Hey guys!
    Thanks for the awesome app.
    I really wish there was a “Select all” option for Magisk Hide, it would save a lot of time when selecting “” or “” to hide Magisk.

  84. —HELP NEEDED —
    I am not able update magisk to 16.0 , i tried every different way the phone Goes to BOOTLOOP. But MAGISK 14.0 WORKS FINE. PLEASE HELP .
    (Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon, 8.1 custom Rom )

  85. Xposed DOES support android Nougat and even above. Not officially but it does with little effort and it will always be much more powerful and useful than Magisk modules. The only reason I use Magisk is that you can install Xposed Framework systemless thus you don’t need to flash Xposed again and again after OTA updates. Whenever an OTA update comes out, I just flash it along with newest gapps and Magisk in recovery. A piece of cake while I can keep Xposed as well as root. Thanks for Magisk and systemless Xposed. Made my life easier.

  86. I am trying to install magisk in my phone runing custom rom with nougat 7.1 .
    But still not work. I got message with twrp that boot is patched by another programms.
    Can any one help please?

  87. Magisk is the best rooting app. Even it is better than SuperSU. It user interface is clean and fast working. It has inbuilt buybox and root hide feature which enables all banking apps working. Kudos to deveoper.

  88. is there any way that i could use magisk in my device with 4.4.2 kitkat OS?
    is there any compatible version available?

  89. Hi, I just rooted with Magisk, and it was smooth. System update app checked for OTA updates and found one but it observed my phone was rooted and it’s requesting I repair immediately. My Phone is Gionee S6s. Please advise

  90. Using Magisk 16.3 and Magisk Manager 5.7.0 with Pokemon Go 0.101.1 on a Xiaomi Mi A1 running Oreo 8.0.0.
    I setup Magisk Hide for Pokemon Go and ran the app. After about a minute, it gave me the notice:
    “This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon GO.”

  91. hello,
    Iam using lineage os 15.1 with oreo 8.1. iam using redmi note 4(mido) but not able to install magisk now through twrp. It is showing error 1 and showing error “cant mount /vendor”…i even tried resurrection remix rom but it is showing the same error….i even tried patching the boot image with magisk manager but after flashing, my device gets into bootloop. please help

  92. hey,
    can you please make magisk support for lineage os 15.1(mido) as it is not being installed there…..when i try to flash it through twrp, it shows error 1 and shows “cant mount /vendor” and when i try to patch boot.img file and flash it, it goes into bootloop. can you add please support for it.

  93. Dev i having a problem with the manager app sometimes it will automatically close the app after a few seconds when i open it so can you guys fix it?

  94. Hello, Magisk root prevents me from using Outlook on my phone even after hiding the application. Also how can I unroot with Magisk without having to flash my device

  95. I tried to root my pixel c with magisk but after i flashed the patched boot.img my pixel c doesn’t start. It stucks on the google logo. Do you have an idea why it could be

  96. i installed magisk in my H96 pro plus adroid tv box, but TATA SKY app is not working, keeps saying this app will not work on rooted device, can you please help me

  97. Pls fix magisk app keep crashing in in a few seconds after i open it and i had to clear date of the app to work and it’s very annoying my device huawei nova 2i oreo

    Question. Is it necessary 2 have an (OS) installed on my phone b4 I install manager & interface, or can I install both the manager & the interface without an (OS) installed? Will await ur reply, thx, peace.

    • You can’t install anything without an OS. You can’t even run the phone without an OS. (The phone comes with an OS – you don’t have to install one.)

  99. I installed the latest version into my Samsung galaxy note 10.1 with Lineage OS (Android 7). After few hours upon restart, I ended up with “encryption unsuccessful” message on boot. Then onwards I am not able to factory reset via TWRP recovery (as i am not able to get into recovery) and also via Odin (getting write failed error while flashing).

    I never faced this issue before. Only thing i did before this issue was to update the magisk manager to latest version. I have already spent lot of time resolving this issue. Kindly help if anything related to Magisk or related. Thanks.

    • I faced this problem myself too and I solved it by flashing the old rom from Odin.
      In my case I use J7 Prime the newest official version now is 7.0. I flashed the 6.0.1 rom and it booted up properly.
      Hope my answer helped.

  100. Wel come guys!

    This is my first video for all the mi A1 device owher owh want navigation bar in theis device.

    So betore starting heae are some requirements:

    1.Rooted device
    2.Magisk manager in stalled.

    l have tested it on my mi a1 with android 8.0jan 2018 patch.

    Lets Start:

    all you have to do is dawnload the file available in the description.

    Lt is a magisk module by “hemantv” for video device.

    l have made this video onlty to moakeit reach to people who are in need! (Y)

  101. Magisk can’t install in my phone with cusrom 8.1 please solve this for me. I need use magisk not supersu i like magisk for root my phone

  102. On my Nexus 5 with Android 6.0.1 this version stuck on splash screen. Version 5.7.0 works without issues. In logcat I have no errors.

  103. 5.8.0 broke everything, magisk won’t open and my phone started lagging a lot, like if i cleared the ram it would fill up again and lag a ton. I had to reinstall a old versio of magisk. My phone is a samsung s5 neo. Please fix!

  104. The newer version of Magisk apk is not opening in my Samsung Note 4. I updated it this morning. The power consumption is over the roof ever since.

  105. On HTC One M8, running MarshMallow, v5.8 installs. However, once started, the app opens to the green MM logo Screen and stops. Rebooting and reinstalling does not resolve the problem.
    On starting v5.7, prompt to install latest manager appears…select install…nothing happens.
    Also, “Update Magisk Manager” within the v5.7 app does not work. Prompt appears to install latest version , but install never takes place.

  106. I am Redmi note 4 [SD] user.I used magisk form miui version 9.5.8 but after upgrading to miui when I flashed magisk through redwood twrp it successfully flashed but my phone stucked on boot.
    I search on mi forum there are a guy who faced same problem so please check the problem and get the solution for miui
    I want to be a magisk user again

  107. I want flash magiks 16 .4 beta patchboot image bcoz latest version of magiks 5.6 8 isn’t supporting plz help me how can I flash patch boot image of 16.4

  108. Installation failed! When about to install magisk using manager and my recovery, my phone got bootlooped on my lenovo a7000 plus

  109. Problem with enabling WiFi tether router app. Motorola g5 plus, Android 7, rooted, stock rom. I Contacted Wi-Fi tether router app publisher and I was told to use SuperSu because Magisk was the problem. I want to stick with Magisk, is there a fix or solution?

    Thank you

  110. Ok so a little background about my phone:
    -Os : Marshmallow 6.0.1
    -Model number: SM-G800F
    -Storage: 11.62 GB

    So here is the problem:
    A while ago i decided to root my phone as it would grant me the ability to get rid of bloatware (as i found my phone began to get slower and most of those excess apps were of no importance to me) as well as a few other aesthetic modifications . I used the magisck service to root it i found in a youtube video and that was that. I followed through and used the root checker . It was done. I did it. However my excitement was cut short as i had a problem . My sd card was read/write locked . I eventually tossed the sd card and got a new one . It was fine at first , i was able to format the card and all that jazz but when i went into whatsapp and tried to send a picture it showed an error “The file is not a photo”(although it was) . I then tried to download a picture and it displayed the error “The download was unable to complete.”

    At this point i was confused so i turned to google to see if this was a whatsapp problem by seeing if i could install a photo from there. I attempted to do so , however another error showed up when i tried to install a picture. At this point i did not know what to do so i looked to see what i could find and found nothing that worked and now i am here.

    So now i am here hoping that i can find a solution.
    Thanks for taking the time to read

  111. Magisk show this log
    01-01 06:03:18.199 218 218 E Magisk : mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system->/sbin/.core/mirror/system failed with 16: Device or resource busy
    How to solve it?

  112. Im very new to android rooting.please forgive my ignorance.
    1.Is it necessary to have Bootloader Unlocked for Magisk ?
    2.I have stock recovery and stock rom, so can i root my device just by using Magisk Manager app? (as the article mentions by using DIRECT INSTALL method )(not using twrp or adb )

    thank you

  113. Hi I’m using custom ROM and I use magiskmanager for hiding banking apps and i recently seen google TEZ is not working even when hiding please and I user multiple custom Rom but it is not working

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    Diosfeu tilakit etyu Gylpv Kurtop
    Sdti meryu kek Zipos

  115. Magisk hide not working properly in version 16 my banking applications detected that my device is rooted.

    Please fix this bug

  116. I’m using lenovo vibe k5, when I install magisk v16.0 after flash and reboot system, my phone get stuck on lenovo logo (bootlop). Any solution?

  117. Same story here. I have the latest version of Magisk, but it locks up on the splash screen(Samsung Galaxy S5). Any suggestions? So far I’ve uninstalled it.

  118. Can not even open the latest Magisk Manager (5.8.3)….Previously had nothing problem with 5.7 versions.

    S7 sm-G930F, Helios ROM 7.27.0 with the latest Magisk

  119. I am using amigo 3.5 custom ROM on my mtk 6580 device marshmallow 6.0
    arm 7.
    Magisk isn’t flashing via TWRP in my device..
    I need the solution..

  120. On my Huawei P10 Lite (WAS LX1A – EMUI 8.0) the rootless installation does not work.
    The Magisk app (version 16) could be installed and the installation button is available.
    However, only “Download Zip Only” and “Patch Boot Image File” are available for the method, the option “Direct Install” is missing.
    the Magisk app has permission to install unknown apps and access rights to the memory.

  121. I get this error on Pixel 2 with Android 9

    – Creating /data/adb/magisk_merge.img with size 160M
    – Mounting /data/adb/magisk_merge.img to /dev/tmp/magisk_img
    ! /data/adb/magisk_merge.img mount failed…
    ! Installation failed

  122. I get the following error, Pixel 2 on Android 9

    – Creating /data/adb/magisk_merge.img with 160M
    – Mounting /data/adb/magisk_merge.img to /dev/tmp/magisk_img
    ! /data/adb/magisk_merge.img mount failed…
    ! Installation failed

  123. Hi,

    Magisk Hide doesn’t work with the german banking application “Mobiles Bezahlen” (S-Payment). The app ist suspended directly.

  124. I have a rooted TV Box with Adroid 6.0.1

    I can open Magisk 5.7.0 , but inside it said Update Magisk Manager

    But once updated, anything above 5.8.0 , I cant open it , it will stuck on the Mask Logo Screen forever.

    Why? Please help

  125. Im able to install Magisk Manager 5.7.0 but it will force me to update

    But anything beyond 5.8.0, Magisk Manager will stuck on the Mask Logo Screen. It wont load further

    Im on a rooted Android 6.0.1 TV box.

    Can anyone help

  126. Nexus 6p
    Magisk V16

    Subject:Speakerphone mode speaker and mice interference and volume issues with Magisk V16.

    When rooting with Magisk V16 on Nexus 6p, there are speakerphone mode interference, and volume issues. In Speakerphone mode, when making phone calls to an automated phone system (say 1 for this, say 2 for that, or tell me what you need such as technical support or sales) there is interference between the mic and speaker. This is with all automated phone systems. I tested many phone numbers. The automated phone system voice interferes with the mic and selects a options on the call without me saying something. Usually, the automated system disrupts its self telling me that it doesn’t understand what I am asking for because it’s listening to its self do to a Magisk bug. Also, I’m unable to lower the volume much in speakerphone mode (Magisk bug) as much as I use to. I did an update with an OTA to disable the Magisk, and all problems are fixed. I rooted again using Magisk, and the problem was back. I reinstalled the OTA update another time to block the Magisk and the problem is fixed. Therefore, I know that Magisk is causing the speakerphone mode speaker and mice interference and volume issues. Therefore, I know if I root with Magisk, I’m going to have speakerphone issues.

  127. I have had to restore my phone and now on Magisk 17.1 all fine except app crashes when I try to enter Magisk Hide option after its been enabled in settings. This seems to be the only place/time it crashes.

  128. Hey. After I upgraded from v16.7 to v17, bad The boot loop issue. Then The v17.1 was release and that problem was gone. But now The root Access doesn’t work. I’ve reinstaled my rom, down grades Black to magisk v16.7, and it looks like SU access is gone fornecer. Pls help!

  129. Root lost after updating to the latest apk.On root checker it says root properly not installed. I’m using Lenovo P2a42 With 7.0.1 Android. Everything working fine before the latest update.

  130. I used magisk but on magisk 17.1 there is a issue that should be fixed
    I am on Redmi Note 4 running on MIUI
    1.After flashing latest version of magisk
    When I go to magisk hide
    And chech any item the Device turned off and gone to boot loop
    And then I have to flash magisk installer to revive from boot loop.

  131. I installed magisk 17
    But now my magisk manager is missing and I cannot install it anew getting app not installed error
    Can’t revert to previous magisk either, running lineage 15.1 Oreo on mido
    Help pls

  132. Hi,
    Thank you for creating this amazing, useful app.
    Unfortunately the latest version – v. 17.1 doesn’t work well with my phone – Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon 7 Android.
    Using Magisk manager v. 5.9.1 I followed the instructions to download & install Magisk v. 17.1.
    After the installation wi-fi couldn’t be turned on. I tried reboot a couple of times. Then reset. In the end a total wiping out & rom installation helped.
    Just letting you know about such an issue.
    Kind regards

  133. 我的手机是pixel2,系统为android pie ,我看magisk17.1支持ota更新,但是我不知道怎么实现,所以想问一下,怎么才能ota更新。

  134. After installing MagiskSU v17.1 my phone cannot activate offline charging, the phone is always turn on even I click turn off phone.

    Report from Lollipop user.
    Please fix it.

    Thank you..

  135. when i updated magisk 16.0 to 17. 1 my phone to be bootlope.
    Then i flash the ROM and and totally clean magisk and install again magisk 17.1, this installation prproces is good but it’s again bootlope when i enabled magisk hide some apps.
    Magisk team Please fix this problem .

  136. pliss admin give me a solution I can’t install magisk zip description error 1 on my oreo version of android I have experimented on some magisk versions but no changes

    Mounting /System, /Vendor, /cache, /data
    -Device platform: arm64
    -Constructing environment
    -/data/magisk.img detected!
    -Mounting /data/magisk.img to /magisk
    -Found Boot Image: /dev/block/mmclk0p34
    -Unpacking boot image
    -Checking ramdisk status
    ! Boot image patched by other programs!
    ! Please restore stock boot image
    Updater process ended with ERROR:1
    Error installing zip file ‘/sdcard/MagiskManager/’
    Updating partition details…

  137. Bhim UPI app is still not working. It’s still detecting rooted phone or custom rom. Both Bhim app and google pay app still detecting magisk or root or custom rom. Installed latest magisk .

    My phone model is oneplus 2 with resurrection remix os android Oreo latest build.

    Need your help urgently.

  138. I have a problem, is that with the update to version 17.1 the phone does not start again and I have to flash it again with the official firmware

  139. I got the apk file installed, but it sits on the mask image for god knows how long, then goes to a black screen and tells me that the program is taking too long to respond. HTC Desire 626 with Marshmallow.

  140. Magisk failed to hide from the banking app. It says”:

    “Info: Root hider application detected. For a secured banking experience, please uninstall the root hider application to continue”

    What to do?

  141. Spectrum TV app, latest version, is detecting root despite hiding it from root in the magisk manager app [latest ver]. Any suggestions or is this something that can be worked on?

  142. Hi, when I install Magisk Manager 6.0.0 on my Huawei P10, it only shows the green start screen with the mask. Then nothing else happens. Do you have an hint? Thanks.

  143. Cheers guys!

    I have a SG-T825 and I’m looking forward to root my Tab with Android 8.0. I’ve read that it’s possible without flashing twrp. But I’m a little scared to mess it up, I only have experience with Rooting and flashing Roms on Galaxy S3 and S6.

    I seriously would appreciate a proper Installation guide on how to do root without twrp on Android 8. nevertheless, An instruction with twrp would be awesome, too!

    Have a nice day and I’m happy to get a response soon. 🙂

  144. I am on oreo on my J5 prime and when i flashed magisk throught twrp recovery
    I lost my baseband and i had to flash the stock firmware to recover my baseband.

    Can you help me in flashing magisk without losing baseband ?

  145. Hi, The file is not opening when I try to open after installation. It is saying ‘ can’t open file ‘ . It is in zip format.

  146. I had SuperSU installed, and I installed Magisk with the Direct Install method with succes.
    I reboted and now is stuck in a boot loop… 🙁
    What can I do to fix it?

  147. My smart phone is samsung galaxy s5 G900I, android 5.0, of which root manager is superuser v.2.49, but not unroot before the magisk manager is installed. After the magisk manager and is installed, I cannot reboot into the system, it stops in the opening screen, and what should I do to address this issue?

  148. I am trying to install on genymotion and I tried various emulators (Galaxy 6, Pixel, Nexut 5) but I get the same erorr – “does not exist! installation failed”

  149. It shows some error while flashing with twrp and also in the first method it says “There was a problem in parse package”. I tried twice but it didn’t install. I use Samsung Galaxy Tab 3v SM-T116NY. Please guide me.

  150. After I installed NanoDroid full as a Magisk module, the apps it installed, like FaceSlim are installed in the /system/app directory. Since I’m using this on an android smartwatch, I’d rather have some apps installed in /data/app to make use of the square display function. Otherwise I’m missing parts of the UI.

    I cannot find the apps when in recovery, but when I’m in android, I can see the apps with adb, but I cannot (obviously) move them…

    How do I find what’s installed inside Magisk’s system folder in recovery? I thought Magisk manager for recovery might help, but it’s not related.

    Terminal App systemizer can revert apps that I systemized back to data, but it cannot take those installed by nanodroid and move them to /data…

    Thanks for your help!

  151. Hi, magisk does not work with Lineage 15.1 because lineage is already rooted when you install it. I tried to unroot and then root with Magisk last stable and beta but it did not work !

  152. Hi. Could you kindly tell. I need to reset/hide my knox void status on Galaxy Note 4.
    Would this app be able to do this?
    Is it necessary to root my device for this? Or can it be done unrooted.
    I am currently on a stock rom.

    Many thanks


  153. Recently i installed magisk stable zip on my dot os 1.2 custom like other custom rom.when i finised my flashing and done reboot and i saw a magisk manager app on my app drawer……so i opened ,magisk manager app is said that magisk is properly installed but when i am going to use a root app like root cheacker magisk don’t giving any root promt permission…..clearly magisk stable version not working on my dot os 1.2 custom rom even i installed it properly……and the magisk manager app also saying that magisk is properly installed……..


  154. hi. thanks for magisk. I’ve always used it and I’ve been fine for a long time. Thanks again.

    the NEXI name application for the credit card no longer works. even if it is hidden as always

  155. Galera é possível fazer root no samsung sm j810m ? Nao estou encontrando nada sobre o j8 só das anteriores..aguardo resposta obrigado

  156. hello sir.. can i request for this magisk.. can you give superuser disable or enable tools on your magisk.. cause some app can detect root if i use magisk hide..
    i hope you make magisksu switch like superuser..

  157. Hey!
    I like magisk. But the latest version making my device unusable. 🙁 boot.img is different size then outher magisk make.

  158. My phone is Vivo Y81 running Android 8.1.0 Oreo and is not rooted. There is no custom recovery available for this device. I want to root my phone with Magisk. Can you give me detailed procedure for this, please??? Thanks in advance…

  159. I already installed magisk apk on my android 5.1.1 but when I try to open it it crashes and says it stopped, I had previously installed TWRP and rooted with SuperSu, it did promted to give permissions and I allowed it but still app creashed and gives message it stopped.

    What can i do here?

  160. Hi!

    Could not install magisk on my phone. My device is Infinix Note 4 – android 8.1 oreo. Help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  161. I was about to root my s8 using magist and after successfully installing twrp, it could not boot into download mode and I got stuck with a message saying only official release binaries are allowed to be flashed. my phone won’t turn on

  162. Hi i have a problem.
    After installing the manager I can’t run it. It my phone (Galaxy s6 edge) says that it stopped working. I tried reinstalling it Dec but it doesn’t help.
    Can anyone help me with that?

  163. I can’t Mount my system as read write for using the app systemizer after installing magisk it shows that system is read only the app can’t work. Even after using the Mount command to Mount it as read write

  164. Step 0

    if you have root, twrp then download the magisk apk or install the zip.

    first remove #SuperSu

    If you not Root or TWRP you need …to

    Step 1

    unlock bootloader

    Step 2

    Install TWRP

    Step 4

    Enter recovery mode

    Step 5

    Install Magisk zip and reboot

    after tha su will be active.

    Fix Bootloop

    Remove SD card and chipand reboot

    Do not install Magisk zip before configuring custom rom.

  165. hello,
    i want to use magisk but i have no root access on my phone and i can’t find any custom recoveries for my device, my phone isn’t supported for twrp and cwm.

    please help me with anything that can help get root access and magisk on my phone, i really need it.

  166. I got a few noob questions 😉
    My device is a samsung galaxy that don’t have a official TWRP for its version (galaxy J530G, only for J530F) not big difference in the two devices, they are country versions, one is 32GB the other 16GB, same CPU etc… but still, would it be a problem?

    After flashing TWRP and installing Magisk, it will trip Knox? or Magisk can bypass Knox like it does with SafetyNet?

    Thank you! Love you guys work xD

  167. Hey, 17.3 beta is installed via magisk manager on my device and it seems to be rooted.
    My device reboots every time I’m trying to install and app that granting R/W permissions. Any ideas?

  168. Hello can i install magisk on oreo 8.1, i am using nokia 6. I have already unlocked my bootloader now i want to install magisk. Can i?